Is This Nokia’s New Flagship? [Nokia 9]

Recently, Nokia have not really been in the bull ring, with other top brands hogging the limelight. Well, thanks to Compareraja and OnLeaks we have a good idea of what Nokia’s new flagship handset might look like. Oddly enough, Nokia have decided to go against a couple of other handset providers by naming their’s the ‘9’. Samsung and iPhone have avoided this so far.

The Nokia 9 as it is now known, looks to be a very sleek device but the company who brought us the mobile game; Snake, and ported Windows over to the handheld side have took a leap of faith by ditching the headphone jack – Something that has been a local occurrence within the mobile industry as of late.

The images provided are rendered using CAD, as officially no details have been released but they give us some sort of an idea of what the phone may look like. Right now the internal details of the handset are unknown, however, if this new device is Nokia’s flagship then I’m sure they won’t scimp on the hardware.

Nokia 9 3

As for the details we can see – The Nokia 9 is sporting a dual camera setup on the back of the device, presumably, one for standard photos and another for a modified photo like Google’s Portrait mode. If these renders are correct (Onleaks are known to be accurate) then I hope they alter the bulkiness of the camera array on the back of the mobile. It also has a fingerprint sensor on the back. They have positioned it where you normally rest your finger without even thinking about it, which in my opinion is the best place for it if there is no front facing buttons.

For the front of the device, we are presented with a button-less smooth design. The Nokia 9 is said to sport a 5.5-inch display but as for the panel itself, we are unsure. It could possibly be a 1440p AMOLED display by the time it’s released. The display, as we can see from the images, will be curved, just like that of a Samsung and particularly like the Samsung S6 Edge of yesteryear.

On the bottom of the handset there looks to be a set of downward facing speakers and a USB Type-C port. That is it. As I indicated earlier, Nokia have done away with the headphone jack and will probably provide a Type-C dongle for connecting your favorite earbuds or headphones. There may be more information about the device early next year during the Mobile World Congress or one of Nokia’s press releases.

Click here to watch a full 360 degree video of the device.

Source: @OnLeaks, Compareraja


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