Piloting A 450mph RC plane

This is not just an ordinary RC plane, this is a kerosene fueled, jet pro-pulsed, red arrow.   By now, we’ve all seen model aircraft powered by miniature jet engines but there’s something a bit special about this one – It weighs just 17 pounds and can travel at an astonishing 450mph! It makes you wonder how anyone can even keep track of the model in the air whilst it’s whizzing in and out of your peripheral vision.

Turbine 2

The model itself is launched into the air by an elasticated catapult, this generates the speed that is needed in order to create sufficient lift under it’s tiny wings. Then once it’s in the air, the exterior of the plane get’s to work. It’s smooth lines and two stubby flaps at the rear of the wings help the plane caress through the air like a knife slicing through butter.

Turbine 1

The picture above suggests that this RC plane is not a toy. It is powered by a Turbine Behotec 180 jet engine and retails at about $3,800. One thing to note – Just make sure you’re not standing directly behind it, you can see why in the video.

Credit where credit is due –  the man behind the controls knows what he’s doing, and we hope he keeps doing it!

Source: Youtube



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