Watch Two Giant MegaBot’s Go Head To Head LIVE

So we all knew this day would come, and we’ve pretty much all seen it in tv and movies, but tonight marks the worlds first giant robot fight!

The giant MegaBot’s, one from the USA and another from Japan – will go head to head and fight a battle to the death at 10pm eastern time tonight, and what’s great about this you may ask? Well, you can watch it live on Twitch! This is the first time the giant robots will be “televised”, even though the battle took place in September, it will air on Twitch later.

Giant Robot 2

Team USA is bringing a 16 feet tall, chainsaw wielding monster named Eagle Prime, very patriotic if I do say so myself. Whilst Team Japan brings a 13 feet tall ninja, aptly named Kuratas.

The battle itself took part in an abandoned steel mill in Japan over several days, and the winner would be the first robot to disable the other – I wish they had emphasized the amount of destruction and chaos, by using another word similar to “disable”, but it is what it is.

If you guys would like to watch two robots destroy each other, head over to MegaBotsInc channel!

Click here for the livestream

Addiontally, head over to the Megabots website for a countdown!

Here are a few past videos of the Megabots in action



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