Samsung’s DeX Helps You Run Linux From Your Phone

Samsung made a clever docking station for your Samsung phone, the DeX, but it never really did as well as Samsung predicted. The company invented the DeX to convert your phone into a desktop computer, however, there was no real reason to use it instead of using a standard PC. But now, the tech giant has made a way to run Linux from your Samsung device, all whilst using the DeX.

The Linux based system is booted up via an app on the Samsung handset, notably the Galaxy ecosystem. The app for Samsung is aimed at developers and users of Linux who want to bring their work environment with them, wherever they go. All you need is the Samsung docking station and a couple of peripherals. You could boot it up at a remote office and all of your setup would be the same as you’re used too.

Dex Linux 2

However, it’s not quite the same as your typical boot up of a Linux based system, or even any system. The app is using the same kernel as Android itself, in order to maintain performance and like I mentioned earlier, you’ll definitely want a DeX setup as most Linux apps expect you to use a large screen, mouse and keyboard.

Right now, Linux on Galaxy isn’t available and it won’t be ready for public use for quite some time, but you can sign up for alerts to be notified of future deployments. I have to say, Samsung have put their faith in the DeX for them to release a Linux app based off the docking station, but what portion of the market right now would use this kind of equipment – It would have to be a very specific kind of environment if you were to use the app, But I hope Samsung will prove me wrong and we will all be using phone powered desktops in the years to come.

Source: Samsung, Linux on Galaxy



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