Samsung’s Star Wars Vacuum Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

Samsung have jumped on board with the Star Wars hype train. The Last Jedi is releasing just before Christmas and what better way to endorse the galactic franchise with a lovable Star Wars robot, that will rectify all unwanted house guests – Admittedly, not the house guests you might want to evict. No, this is a Star Wars vacuum!

Powerbot 3

The vacuum’s come in two variants – A limited edition Darth Vader, or a limited edition Stormtooper. Both have taken inspiration from the actual characters with the Darth Vader edition slating a black gloss look, and the Stormtrooper edition sporting a clean white model.

Powerbot 4

The rubbish cleaning robot automatically senses where to go, with visionary mapping, plus the Samsung Powerbot maps the contours of every room. Samsung also say it has 20x more suction than it’s previous version. Additionally, with FullViewSensor 2.0, it even detects and avoids obstacles like chair legs or the dogs water bowl over a wider area. The Powerbot’s Edge Clean Master also has the ability to capture dust along edges and trapped in corners, so it makes cleaning those hard to reach places something extra special.

Now for the big one; When you purchase a Star wars Powerbot, it comes with it’s own app. That’s right, Samsung have added additional support for you to control your very own Stormtrooper, albeit, a robot vacuum, manually via the app. Surplus to this, they have also added Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to the robot, making you able to command the dark side like Darth Vader.

Powerbot 5

The Star Wars editions of the Samsung Powerbot is up for pre-order right now, with the estimated release being November 5th. The two editions will be priced at $799.00.

Source: Samsung



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