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Toyota Reveals “Fine-Comfort Ride” Hydrogen Powered Concept Car

Toyota have set their sites on revealing a new concept vehicle during the Tokyo Motor Show. The show will run from 27th October to the 5th November with a whole host of new vehicles, concepts and technology showcasing to the main stream public.

Toyota have given us a sneak preview as to what’s to come during the Tokyo Motor Show, and one of their surprise unveiling’s will be a hydrogen powered cross over jeep, or if you’re in the USA, a crossover minivan.

Toyota 6

The Fine-Comfort Ride is a concept vehicle designed by Toyota to pump out around 1000km or 621 miles on a single hydrogen pack stored within the vehicle, and can be refueled in less then a couple of minutes.

The design of the vehicles takes a sleek and sharp look that looks like something from iRobot – It has future written all over it, although, there are some similarity’s between this and Fiats own 2004 Multipla. Albeit, a none hydrogen consuming, bleak futuristic looking mini van. The car giant Toyota has also emphasized the seating arrangement within the fuel cell concept, producing an interior design that makes Tesla look like it’s been around for ten’s of years. The seating arrangement is designed so it can be flexible in it’s configuration, adjusting to just one occupant, or rather a whole host of occupants taking comfort in a mini van for a meeting.

Toyota 4

Additionally, there are no back seat pillars obscuring your view, making the concept feel more airy, whilst feeling like being at home. Also the seats, which must take some inspiration from a spaceship, are on a cylindrical body which looks like it has free form rotation and can swing at the pivot of your hips. The uni-body seats also recline back into the crossovers body, where Toyota have conventionality modeled the area behind them to fit the shape of the seats.

Toyota 3

It’s also got a virtual Agent built into touch displays on the driver and passenger windows and screens, for a full surround infotainment experience. The motors that power the Toyota concept are in the wheels, which are positioned at the outer most edge of the wheel wells. Toyota say this idea makes for silent running and quiet operation.

Toyota 2

Toyota will have plenty more information at the Tokyo Motor Show and will hopefully be unveiling more crazy inventions for consumers to feast there eyes on.



Source: Toyota


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