HTC U11 Plus Releasing In November? ‘U’ Event Announced

Rumor has it that an upgraded version of the flagship from HTC is expected land on our laps very soon – November 2nd to be precise.

The U11 Plus has been circulating around the tech rumour village for quite some time now, being referenced as “OceanM” and “Ocean Master” and it’s only recently came to light with a few tweets from sources that are well known for their information.

Evan Blass, who is well known in the community for his solid display of information has tweeted about the U11 Plus – The details he has listed are the details you’ll want to know.


The U11 Plus is expected to have a 2:1 LCD in quad HD format, with a screen size of around 6 inches. It’s also nice to see the two available memory options, following the footsteps of the note 8 and the rumored Huawei Mate 10. HTC have decided to give you the option of a 4GB RAM model, paired with 64GB of internal storage or a 6GB RAM model, paired with 128GB internal storage respectively. The only bonus I could think of would be a micro sd card slot on both models. The cpu inside of the U11 Plus will feature a Snapdragon 835 processor, despite the fact Qualcomm have recently announced the upgraded Snapdragon 836 processor not so long ago.


The camera situated at the front of the handset will have a 12MP f/1.7 aperture and a dual LED flash, coupled with a 8MP camera mounted on the front.

Additionally, the none removable battery, which has provoked the IP68 rating, is going to be around 4000mAh. It will support quickcharge 3.0, just like any other handset these days and maybe even wireless charging. It is also believed to run Android Oreo straight out of the box.

So, those are the solidified rumors, let us know what you think?

Source: @Evleaks @Androidheadline


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