Samsung Files Patent For Multi-Use Wireless Charger

Samsung have become the latest company to further develop their wireless charging – albeit, still the same method of late, but now they have filed a patent which shows two different devices being charged at the same time.

Apple earlier this year announced their new technology called AirPower, which lets you charge individual devices simultaneously . It will be released sometime in 2018.  Samsung already offers wireless charging technologies, but they can only charge one device at a time.

Apple AirPower

Now, the technology giant has patented it’s own version of multi-use wireless charging, which, as you can see, looks very similar to most wireless charging pads already available. But, here’s the thing – Samsung have unveiled you can charge two different devices, similar to that of Apple.

Samsung Wireless Patent

The patent explains that Samsung’s wireless mat will detect the type of device placed on the surface and then determine the correct charging method to send power to the device. Samsungs patent shows that it will cater for two different charging methods – One is the typical type of wireless charging accomplished through a process called “magnetic induction,” which uses magnetism to send battery power into a device. Samsung’s patent also says it will employ a similar charging process called “magnetic resonance,” which allows the charging of multiple devices from a single charging pad.

As the technology progresses and device charging becomes easier we will see an increase of products like this. But as of right now, were not at the point where all users can ditch their cables, and swap them for wireless charging pads, so keep hold of them!

Have you got a wireless charger? How well does it work? Ease of use? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: Samsung


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