OnePlus 5T Images And Tagline Leaked

The current OnePlus 5 is essentially out of stock and new images of the 5T have surfaced and this time they look more convincing.

Also, a new Twitter account posted these photos of the OnePlus website, showing a (now missing) page for the T version. It shows the tagline “Bigger screen. Same footprint”.


The OnePlus 5T is alleged to come with a 6” 18:9 screen – the same width as the current model, but taller. This pushes the resolution to 1,080 x 2,160px, the pixel density remains the same.

The fingerprint reader has been relocated to the back (and it’s far from the camera, solid positioning). Also, since we know some of you care about this – the screen looks flat with only the glass having a slight bevel on the side.

OnePlus 5T Leak2

We will have to wait to find out if these pictures are true, however, they do look incredibly ready for the market.

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