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Daimler Announces ‘Vision One’ Weeks Before Tesla’s Semi.

Daimler are the latest company to jump on the truck bandwagon – With it’s latest innovation being a semi-truck. An electric one at at that. Admittedly, It’s Mitsubishi who will be manufacturing the EV.

Mitsubishi Fuso Truck, A subsidiary of Daimler, announced the E-Fuso Vision One alongside the Tokyo Motor Show on Thursday. This all-electric big rig builds upon the company’s experience electrifying smaller trucks, and it’s all part of an attempt to electrify Fuso’s entire lineup in the near future.

Now, the Vision One is just a concept at the moment, but with Tesla announcing their version of a green lorry, it carves a path for other vehicle company’s to join in on the action.

Daimler Vision One

So about the concept – The Vision One will have a battery capacity of up to 300 kWh, and it will be able to keep on going for around 215 miles before needing to be re-charged.  That’s not enough juice for proper long-haul trucking, but Daimler says it’s more than enough for intercity work, which is a good starting point.

With a payload of 11 metric tonnes (about 24,250 pounds), the Vision One can nearly match the payload capacity of Fuso’s similar diesel offerings. Daimler claims that the Vision One could be viable for production in “mature markets” within four years.

Additionally, every truck that comes off the Fuso production line, will also be met with an electric Fuso counterpart. Whether it’s just a battery working together with the engine or a fully automated electric vehicle, there will be a one for one.



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