LG’s Record Breaking 8K OLED TV Makes CES Top Spot

You may have been given a brand new 4k TV for Christmas this year, but, unfortunately, 4k TV’s seem a thing of the past thanks to LG’s 8K pixel monster.

The company will be headed to CES 2018 with a giant 88-inch 8K OLED TV in tow. That’s a retina-wrecking 7,680 x 4,320 pixels, making it four times as sharp as a 4K set, and 16 times as pixel-filled as your standard full HD 1080p screen.

As if you were in any doubt, those specs make it a record breaker, with the second largest OLED only managing to stretch to 77-inches. And that was a ‘mere’ 4K.

LG have been keeping the release date for the 8K panel quite close to their chests, so much so that a date has not even been muttered through the inter-web. Yet. I do believe, even if it makes it’s way to the consumer market within the near future, it will set you back roughly ten times that of a standard 4K TV in the current market. Besides, beyond some test footage, there’s very little 8K content to enjoy except for still photography.

LG 8K TV 2

More to the point; There’d be little point splashing the inevitably-ridiculous dough on this one, at least until 2020, when the Tokyo Olympics will become the first proper 8K broadcasting showcase, but even then the visual benefit of 8K won’t be apparent unless you’re sitting very close to a very large TV.

LG continues to invest heavily in OLED tech, making it one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of the screen technology. But expect Samsung, its nearest rival, to have a Quantum Dot-themed answer to this beast for CES.

Source; LG


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