Amazon’s Alexa Makes It’s Way To Vuzix Smartglasses

You can stick Amazon’s Alexa into all sorts of things: speakers, cars, phones, watches, robots, refrigerators. Now, add smartglasses to that list.

Vuzix, makers of various smartglasses and Google Glass-like head wearables for years, will have a final version of its newest pair of smartglasses at CES in Las Vegas, and it looks like it will be compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. Bloomberg broke the news Friday in an interview with Vuzix CEO Paul Travers.

It won’t be the last wearable to connect with Alexa. Amazon has just made it a lot easier for watches, headphones and more to work with Alexa. It’s possible that the Vuzix Blade is an example of what’s to come.

Vuzix Smartglasses

The Vuzix Blade is a pair of sorta-sunglass-like glasses that project heads-up information on its lenses. The glasses also have a built-in camera, microphone and side-mounted touchpad, and can take phone calls. They pair with iPhones or Android phones to funnel info to your eyes. The Blade will work with prescription lenses, too.

More details aren’t available yet, but we’ll be seeing the Vuzix Blade in Las Vegas next week. It could end up being one of several new attempts at making smartglasses happen in 2018.


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