Interactive Bezels On Huawei’s Smart Watches Are Genius

Huawei has just received a patent for touch-sensitive bezels from the World Intellectual Property Organization. The patent shows eight individual zones which can act as buttons for a smartwatch and the zones can sense swipes, taps, and a “screw” motion, which are pressure sensitive.

Huawei just received a patent on touch-sensitive bezels for smartwatches. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) issued the patent, which allows Huawei to add extra controls without the need for additional buttons. According to the patent, the edge of the watch will have eight zones that can send commands to the watch. The patent also allows triggering multiple zones at the same time.

Huawei Smartwatch Bezel

Huawei Smartwatch Bezel 1

The images indicate the bezel will have eight symmetrical zones around a circular watch face. The zones allow swipes and clicks, and appear to be pressure sensitive too. There is also a “screw” gesture mentioned, but it’s unclear if that would be reserved for a crown. Either way, This is a stroke of genius from Huawei and will hopefully catch on soon enough.


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