Colgate Releases A “Smart” Toothbrush Exclusively Sold In Apple Stores

The Colgate E1 is the first smart toothbrush from the dental hygiene company, and it’s teaming up with Apple to exclusively sell it in Apple Stores and on Apple’s website, via Business Insider.

The E1 comes with a companion Colgate Connect iOS app (shockingly, there doesn’t seem to be an Android app available for this Apple Store exclusive product), which helps track your brushing habits, map out your mouth, coach you on your brushing techniques, and play games. Because everyone wants to play games with their Bluetooth-connected toothbrush.

Colgate E1 2

Colgate isn’t the first to make a smart toothbrush, either. There have been plenty of others, most of them made by smart toothbrush maker Kolibree. In fact, according to Colgate’s website, the E1 uses technology from Kolibree, although, if you compare the E1 to the existing Kolibree Ara toothbrush released last year, “shameless Colgate-rebranding” might be the better description, seeing as the two products look virtually identical and appear to offer the same set of features.

The Colgate E1 costs around £75 from an Apple Store, and a bit less than the Kolibree Ara, although it’s worth noting that the Ara works with Android, if that’s a must have for your smart toothbrush.

Source: The Verge


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