Googles Pixel 2 Nabs Another January Update

A handful of Pixel 2 owners appear to be getting a second update this month. Several users on Reddit reported getting the 41.8 MB update yesterday, which pushed the build number to OPM2.171019.016. So far, we’ve seen no official information on the update, and the build number doesn’t match the current version on Google’s Factory Images page.

Normally, Pixel owners get an update near the beginning of the month with the new security update and bug fixes. Occasionally, these updates include new features too. What we don’t see often is more than one update in the same month, which makes this recent OTA somewhat strange. This is further amplified by the fact that Google has kept shtum as to what this second update was released for.

The only information we have comes from people who have downloaded the patch. According to several users, a bug that wouldn’t allow Google Assistant to play locally stored music has been resolved. Another user reported that they can now shuffle their music library through Google Home, where they couldn’t before. At this time, it’s unclear what else may be included in the update.

Source: Android Authority


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