Razer Phone Receives Important Camera Updates And Netflix Support

New improvements for the camera and Netflix HDR give the Razer Phone its edge.

Razer is pushing out a new firmware and patch update for its gaming-focused Razer Phone.

Coming in at 249MB, the update brings Netflix HDR and Dolby 5.1 audio playback through a new customized Netflix application for the Razer Phone (which is now baked into the ROM).

Announced at CES 2018 Razer is currently the only phone in the world that supports Netflix HDR, which when combined with the 120Hz display and easily the loudest speakers on the market make for an excellent movie watching experience.

Razer Phone Update Picture

Also, Razer (as promised) is continuing to tweak its camera, which was heavily criticized when initially launched. While the camera hardware is solid, the software and algorithms need work. Today’s update builds on an earlier one to keep improving that camera.

Finally, there are the usual Android security fixes, which jumps from October’s security patch to January’s keeping the phone up to date. The Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities are also patched as those affect ARM processors as well.

Here is the full changelog:

Razer Phone January update

Netflix Enhancements

  • Netflix now included with Razer Phone!
  • Enabled HDR content playback support.
  • Enhanced Dolby 5.1 audio playback support.

Camera improvements

  • Fixed an issue where some images would appear yellow.
  • Tuning and image quality improvement.
  • Crushed bugs and performance improvements.

Security fixes

  • January 2018 Android security patches.
  • Fix for Meltdown and Spectre vulnerability.

The Razer Phone is still running Android 7.1.1, but Razer is committed to delivering 8.0 this quarter.

To update the Razer Phone merely head to Settings > About phone > System update to get started. The process should take about 20 minutes. Owners will also want to get the corresponding Camera app update from the Google Play Store to go with the new firmware.

Source: Android Central


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